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Do you think it'd be interesting if Rollplay did Adventure Modules?

(banned) #1

Maybe something different than Adventurer's League, but Roll20 has done a couple of modules with @AdamKoebel at the head.

I'd love to see them tackle something like DH1's Haarlock's Legacy.

Or do you think Rollplay is better geared for creations from the DM themselves?

(Oythebrave) #2

Even though I grew up playing DnD with 2nd Edition I never really touched the modules. It would be cool to see Rollplay run some of these, I think it would be fresh for most of the audience.

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I really wish they'd have finished Keep on the Borderlands from Roll20 Presents Old School.

I don't really know how big the thing is so I don't know how feasible it would've been.

(Unfortunatename) #4

Pendragon was pretty similar to running a module and that still felt like Rollplay. Having GM created settings and "campaigns" has worked well.

Whether they use a module or not, a system where the players have disposable characters would be really interesting to see. Old school adventures was quite compelling and much of it came from how players were normally in "pawn stance". The focus on the metagame and system mastery worked really well and as a viewer you learnt the game as the cast learnt it.

For many Rollplay shows the focus is on the characters, to the point that you can watch (or in some cases play) dozens of hours without really getting how the game works. Frankly, players not learning the rules is a staple of Rollplay I have come to expect and enjoy as a viewer.


By metagame I mean the game of players interacting with the mechanics as players, I do not mean metagaming the buzzword for having an argument with your friends because you aren't good at talking to each other

(TheDesec) #5

I like the open-world-ish (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on state on quests) style of @AdamKoebel's and Stevens worlds, I think pre-written adventures would feel like on rails.

Can't hurt to try it in a one-shot, maybe?!

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It was Adam that ran Roll20 Old School, so he's not averse to running a module here and there.

(crowly_) #7

They have done so at least one time in the past with the "Death Frost Doom" one shot. A premade adventure that Steven adapteted to 5e iirc.

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I forgot about death frost doom. Felt a bit cut off due to time constraints, but it got across what it needed to.