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Do you guys actually keep up with the Rewatch Series?

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So I'm the person that currently makes the Rewatch Posts (I didn't start it, but I picked it up after the last guy stopped).

I was curious if anyone actually follows with it, or just looks at it when I put it up to see the AMA/Wiki page.

I guess I might ask if there's anything you'd like me to include that I don't currently as well.

Site Analytics?
Site Analytics?
Site Analytics?

I think the first thing you need to do is look at who these are for. So in your opinion who are those topics for?


Yo I agree. I really enjoyed your first couple of ones. I even think I commented it on it. I do have some ideas why and how they could be better and raise the engagement. But that's a different topic that we could have if you want to. :sparkling_heart:

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I already asked that to the community and got nothing back.

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Who is realistically going to join in with a re-watch that is several months of the way through though?

It's a tricky thing.


Bump it up and I'll respond in it. Was probably early on. The community have been growing steadily since then.

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I only do a weekly thing, I hear people blow through the backlog in a week pretty often honestly.

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I get that ppl can catch up but in terms of raw numbers it cant be that many joining a thread thats deep into a series vs one that is at the beginning. If you blow through the backlog to catch up with the rewatch you need a good reason not to blast past

Also if you have people doing it week by week you are going to have a lot of people drop off part way through. Even if they were the best god-damned threads you can imagine this would still happen.

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I get that, it's not a big deal.

I didn't start the Rewatch originally. I picked it up because it was the only way I was going to watch the old stuff I'd never bothered watching.

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People who never watched the old stuff. It's an ever increasing pool of people.

I started on DH, but I never bothered watching Neal's D&D stuff because I wasn't into anyone but Steven at the time.

And I didn't want to watch JP DM something because it was DnD.

However as people come to the community a lot don't really care about the older stuff.

Admittedly there is an end to my rewatch plans so eventually no one.

I do get a comment on occasion in the subreddit talking about a particular episode.


So we've sort of identified who is for. It's for those that haven't watched it before.

Now that user base is probably rather small. Not because everyone have already watched them. I'm sure there's plenty of people that haven't seen them. However it gets a bit thinner when we apply those that don't want to watch a old show. They entered in the new era and the old stuff is, well, dated.
For new viewers I think it's always going to be a hard sell since we're living in a on demand world. Where people want to watch things on their time (specially when it's old). So if someone sees one of those the might go on and watch more than one episode a week and at that point they're no longer a target audience.

Now as we're prepping for the Swan Song live show we decided not to use the old style of the overlays. Instead we're using the same style as in the original logo (not the 3d version).

I think that if you want to catch those that have :berry: or those that have already seen them there needs to be more than a number — of course that would mean A LOT more work. Since a title that sort of tells you what the episode was about will jolt people's memory and allow them to be part of it. Either that or a section of a highlight from the episode.

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Yeah but that'd require me to watch it beforehand.

Which I don't do. I post then watch it.


Yeah I get that. The issue is just that there's no true value proposition at the moment. The main value is for remembering more than new viewers (since as @Unfortunatename also mentioned) new users will catch up on a show faster than 1 episode a week.

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Pretty much this. I think having the rewatch thread without more of a group participating in the rewatch posts dissuades me from watching at the set rate and participating in the threads at this point.

When I've seen rewatch efforts work well, the community set a day/time (or at least day) everyone would rewatch the episode. That way people could chat during the actual rewatch and share thoughts after.

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Thought it was pretty obvious at this point.

Solum (Legacy previously) rewatch is every Friday

Ehbon (soon to be Vigil/various oneshots) happen Mondays. With the occasional break.

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There's a difference between announcing something (e.g. putting it in the post title or having a separate announcement, like was originally made when the rewatch thread started) and assuming people will infer it from the days you post.

The rewatch was originally proposed for Sundays; switched to Mondays; and then switched again when you took over.

And even that's different from what I'm talking about: I reviewed the threads out of curiosity, and while the original proposal (3 years ago) talked about people watching it at the same time, the current rewatch threads only talked about when posts would be made, which is different from the rewatch being a community event that people show up for and discuss at the same time, e.g. what Galactic Watercooler (and other Frak Parties) used to do on their forums.

All of which is to say, returning to essence of my original post, that I agree with TwitchSurgeon that the rewatch threads don't have a value-add as they exist right now.