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CoS Characters New Style Gallery


(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #11

Sali is in the works, i just need to find the part of the past sessions where JP describes him throughly ;D

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #12

This was a difficult one. I’m kind of in a low tide for my inspiration and working rhythm but it’s still fun making this kind of fanart ^^ And i really wanted to finish the series, so there you go! <3 <3

(AdamKoebel) #13

these are so gooooooooood

can i get a copy of the berg and ramus ones in token form plz?

(Ezekiel_III) #14

These are SOOOO dope!

(Qu4resm4) #15


(Twitch: uzling) #16

Such amazing work. To me thies should all be posters on the rollplay store. Either as all 4 pictures in one poster or one poster pr picture! TAKE MY MONEY JP! GET IT DONE!

(lady8jane) #17

Wow, just wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #18

:flushed: Thank you so much!!
It’s so cool for you to use these! :persevere:

Here are the links to the tokens



(Twitch: uzling) #19

As I said in my first post from “December 17th, 2017” such amazing work… This should be made into some kind of poster! This art deserves to be put on a wall in my apartment. So here we go… ofc the glass in Kalimag frame broke and I need to get the textet Berg version! but for now my computer room wall is even more epic than before!

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #20

Thank you very much! That’s really cool! <3 <3

(Twitch: uzling) #21

There we go! :slight_smile:

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #22

Update and Upgrade!
Because of some majour events in the “Magic Realm” arc, Ramus had some lasting consequences that changed a bit his appearance. As you can see i updated the token too! ^^
Hope you’ll like it ;D

PNG (wink wink xD)

One thing that bugged me from the start is that Ramus was the only character i made that did not feel really human. Yes he was changed by his choices and events that affected him but with this update i wanted not just add new markings, but bring him closer to the human appeareance that he deserves.

(I wanted to update the original post but i guess that after some time you can’t do it :thinking:)

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #23

I know it’s been a while, but i hope you will still like this <3 <3

I had some trouble finding the colour palette, but i think this iteration is quite fine ^^

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #24

I just had to do this.
This is my version of Heaven’s Hammer Berg. Hope you’ll like it ^^


(notNOTjack) #25

That’s great. Awesome work :itmejpgg:

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #26

Here i am with an update for season 5 of Court of Swords. Hope you’ll like the brand new characters and the update for Kalimat ^^




(AdamKoebel) #27

you are amazing and we are so lucky to have these thank you so so much

(sythmaster) #28

That new Kali one is GREAT. wow. all these tokents are quite awesome.

(stevenx) #29

I love this style.

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #30

Thanks to you Adam, and to the entire cast of Court of Swords, for the countless hours of fun, entertainment and wonder you give us. I am happy and honored that my little works are so appreciated <3 <3