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Are we allowed to discuss Blood Letters here as well?


(banned) #1

I was just curious if we were allowed to talk about them here, since they're in the same universe.

I guess the same goes for Sean's Thieves Cant game that just started up too.

Mentioning Blood Letters, any idea when the latest might be up @OneSevenDesign/@AdamKoebel?

(OneSevenDesign) #2

I suppose it's okay to talk about BL stuff sometimes, given the shared world, but this forum should mainly be about the RollPlay show (that's what we're here for).

Since BL is a different show, on a different channel, its audience isn't necessarily looking here for discussion. The G+ community for Blades is a better place for that.

(banned) #3

Fair enough, I guess it'd come up in any Blades discussion anyways should there be a particular connection to be made.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

It's fine to talk about it, just let me know so I can make the tag for the first post then please keep the topics tagged correctly.

Edit: A few things I forgot to mention

  • If the entire thread is about Blood letters don't make the title a spoiler.
  • If Blood letters is mentioned in a RollPlay Blades thread please use the spoiler blur tool for show spoilers.