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Are any of the Blades in the Dark Hacks out?


(banned) #1

I remember @AdamKoebel was supposed to be creating one currently. I was wondering how that was going.

Or if any of the others had made it yet.

Or if we are supposed to wait until after the final version is made.

Blades was so open I kind of forget that it's not been officially out yet.

(sythmaster) #2

Yes, there's a few.

Blades against Darkness and Scum & Villiany are the two probably "closest" - I think they were both of the KS perk hacks. A number of people are doing third-party hacks. There's an active G+ Community that has a lot of chatter about these things.

A decent Google Doc (that you can suggest missing things) has been started from the G+ community - check it out here.

It's been mentioned that John doesn't want any "full blown" hacks out there till the full release of the game - which will have a bunch of information on ways to change/hack BitD. Many people are already experimenting though!

Edit:: Oops, forgot to link the G+ community I mentioned.

(banned) #3

I see, that makes sense though. No sense hacking what might be changed later.

I wonder if we'll get a One Shot of Adam's hack when it's ready. I think that'd be neat.

(lady8jane) #4

There are also various Shadowrun Hacks. I personally like this one.