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Adam Confirms Swan Song Live is Post Ep. 50


(banned) #1

In the opening remarks of this week's Office Hours

(Drumurboy) #2

Interesting! Wonder what the universe looks like after the events of 50

(notNOTjack) #3

Oh boy! That’s awesome. We get to see the universe after those massively influential events, see what is going on, if there are grand scale changes or if it is all mostly the same, see what theories pan out to be right or wrong or if everyone missed the mark. I’m hoping they don’t play their previous characters, that we get to see the outcome of their previous character’s actions through the eyes of some other group. Maybe a group that has to clean up some of their messes. I feel we should only revisit the "main characters" if the show returns from hiatus, not as a one-shot, and we pick up from where we just left off.

(banned) #4

I think JP mentioned Higgins is going to return at least.

However we can't hope for too much. It's only 8 hours after all.

(sthreet) #5

This probably isn't the best place to ask, but I remember some section where Adam and Geoff and some others were criticizing stars without number's ship combat, but I don't think that there ever was a Swan Song talk after it was over, does anyone remember where this was?

Also, more swan song is always good so I can be jealous of peoples RP skills.

(disusedgenius) #6

Also hyped for Office Hours coming out as a podcast, for the record. Should help me catch it a bit more often.

(notNOTjack) #7

Really? That’s unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong, I love Higgins, he’s probably one of the most entertaining or memorable characters of Rollplay, but I sure hoped they would leave those characters, as if frozen in time, to pick them up again when the show is finally truly back or instead to be left forever, pristine in that last moment, their memory untouched.

Anyway, I’m sure whatever they decide to do is going to be amazing regardless of what characters they choose to play.

(djWHEAT) #8

I feel like this is what people said when they made Serenity after Firefly. I can't speak to anything about the show, but I can tell you that I'm fucking stoked if I get the chance to play Piani again.

(banned) #9

Well if we want to get technical it will just be one of a many possible Higgins. So the dream team can technically still be in the big fracturing scheme of causality that is Asgard Sigma.

(notNOTjack) #10

I couldn’t say if it is the same thing or not, it’s a huge blemish on my nerd cred but I never watched Firefly, when it was on tv in my country (what might have been much later than the original run) I caught one or two episodes and didn’t really care for it. Never watched Serenity either and had no idea it had anything to do with Firefly. Was the point that they picked the characters from Firefly for that show and people were upset about it but in the end the show was good?

As I said, I’m sure whatever characters you guys choose to play it’s going to be an awesome show and I’m sure you guys are stoked at the opportunity to play those characters again. I’m intrigued and excited for what may come from those 8 hours of post-episode-50 adventures. I was just sharing a trifling hope, the way I would probably handle it, but it was no criticism. I’m hyped :smiley:

(notNOTjack) #11

And thus the multiverse expands :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright:

(Karamor) #12

Firefly is actually quite a different case. The show was broadcasted out of order and canceled before its original run of the first season was finished, so that the last episodes were not aired.

So the fans very much wanted more stories with exactly those characters.

Serentiy now is the movie that finishes all the important plot threads of the show.

It's the weirdest story of an IP: Total failure on TV, box office bomb, but an absolute classic to many and in fact an almost complete and very much finished story.

Serenity brought the series all the closure it needed.

So neither in the speculations what will happen with the universe nor in what the one shot can achieve is this a comparable situation. Unless Adam solves all the Swan Song story threads in those 8 hours.

(banned) #13

Just a note there are comics that continue Serenity's storyline. There four collections. 1 bridging the gap between the series and film. One two set before/during/after the a little bit, and 2 storylines set a good amount of time after the film. One of those two is currently in production and going to release issue 4/6 at the end of this month.

(notNOTjack) #14

Wow! Thanks for clarifying that. What the hell happened with the release of that show? What a mess. Apparently they condemned a show that had a lot of potential. But at least everyone got the closure they deserved. Lets see if that’s what Adam and JP have in mind or if it’s something else entirely (as you say, seems a tall order to pull it off in one live show and I also don’t think that’s what they are going for anyway).

Thank you :itmejptip:

(VyRe40) #15

The way I imagine it, this special episode could either be a love letter to the fans with characters we dearly miss or it could be a stepping stone toward a future return of the series down the line.

If we get contained stories that give us new adventures like the Cowboy Bebop movie, that can still be cool (it was sort of a side "flashback", but with a reformed universe/timeline it could still serve a similar function). Or perhaps they could go more Serenity like was mentioned and tackle some of the old major threads, which gives room for them to return to other threads in other one-shots later if people are into it.

(Kol_Saresk) #16

@AdamKoebel Will you be trying to incorporate the Fan Novel @pepryce is writing, or will this be a completely separate effort?

(pepryce) #17

My fan novel is completely contained within the first 50 episodes, so it wouldn't have any bearing on post ep 50 stuff :slight_smile: besides, adam and the rest of the cast decide what is canon for swan song, so if there was any overlap, I feel it would be my job to make sure everything fits in with them and not vice versa :slight_smile:

(Moose2033) #18

I'm a bit late on this, but in what way is Firefly a completed story? Blue Cola was never explained or explored, Shepherd Book's back story was never explored, a fuller exploration into the Blue-handed Men needed to happen. Those are just a few incomplete threads off the top of my head. It will most likely will never be completed, unless Nathan wins the Powerball for a billion dollars.

(Kol_Saresk) #19

Even then it wouldn't happen. Nathan Fillion has basically said that after this long, a second season would only hurt. I think there are some comics that continue the story and then's been an MMO in the works since forever.

But yeah, no, definitely not a completed story.

(AdamKoebel) #20

I can promise you that eight more hours of swan song won't tie up all the loose ends. There's too much universe to cover in 50 episodes and a movie. Even another 50 wouldn't do it. We're going to tell a fun new story in the Swan Song universe, and it'll be as self-contained as we can make it, given the nature of RPGs! I'm super excited to revisit the world we built and the characters that live in it.